Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun with Wikipedia

While doing some research about Denali National Park this weekend, I ended up with a link to a wikipedia article about the Pizzly. Check it out. Move over, Ligers.


Patrick J. Vaz said...

I like "grolar bear" better. It sounds less like a bodily function.

Those bears look like Marcel. If he were quite a bit larger than he is, of course.

Shushu said...

I really like the grolar/pizzly depending on which was the egg and which was the sperm, though. Would that make me Berry or Jobbie, I wonder?

vicmarcam said...

PJ: But are they mean bears? I prefer Grolar Bears, too. I recently saw a movie about bears and noticed how much they behave like my dogs, even beyond how they look like them. It turns out they do have a common ancestor.

Shushu: I love your idea. I would be Peeford or Latricia and my kids would be Vendell and Wicki.

CMB said...

But if you were Peeford or Latricia then your kids would either be Ellatricia and Lendell (which isn't too bad)...or Pie and Weeford (which I would be ok with if Pie were the male name...but it's not).

vicmarcam said...

I am kind of loving this name game. People would really have to think before they got married.

Unknown said...

I always refer to my future kids in that way. For example, "we could get married and travel the world and have lots of little Marvans or Ivrins."

Once somebody did ask me who would be the boys and who would be the girls. I said, "with his build and my jawline, who could tell?"

That said, I don't know how I'd feel about being named Pie Baker.