Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Best Elimination Ever

My next post was supposed to be about Groomer Has It, but I couldn't resist mentioning what I'm watching right now. I just arrived home, zombie-like, from a twelve hour workday. Before getting down to the business of correcting today's tests, I turned on the television, and there was Farmer Wants a Wife, a show that I watched once but rejected because it was really, really boring. I won't describe the show's premise because, well, it's pretty much there in the title. Apparently, the show has embraced its boringness. In tonight's episode, nine young women were told that they were going to find out who was eliminated by watching the local quilting bee lady embroider the eliminated woman's name. Yup. You heard right. They gathered around her on the steps of the house and watched as she slowly hand embroidered one letter at a time. Time moves slow on the farm.


Patrick J. Vaz said...

I only wish I hadn't read this at work, because I couldn't laugh as loudly as I wanted to.
No machine quilting for these old-fashioned gals! You know I found this particularly hilarious because of course I was picturing you as the quilting bee lady. I only hope that she finished the first letter, decided the stitching wasn't neat enough, and ripped it out and began again. Because a quilt is forever, unlike reality show love. I hope the young lady booted off was given the finished quilt as a precious and treasured memento.
By the way, did any of those skanky women ever notice that the farmer is prettier than they are? In fact he appeared to be the only even moderately attractive person of either gender in that town. Weird! Must be somewhere in the Midwest. I forget his name, since I think of him as Farmer Oh-I-Forgot-to-Put-a-Shirt-On-Yet-Again, which I guess might be his Indian name.

vicmarcam said...

I love the idea of ripping out the letter and starting again! Too funny. I also must admit that I put myself in the place of the quilting bee lady, and I think I would have enjoyed it very much. I think this woman did, too. You see, there's one woman named Lisa and one named Krista. The quilting bee lady embroidered I S A with large spaces between the letters, so the smarter young ladies (and there weren't many) realized that it could go a couple of ways.
I can tell you, this being only the second episode that I kind of watched, that the woman have not become any smarter and that the farmer has not developed a personality.
There was one sweet/hilarious moment where the women temporarily forgot they were on television as they watched the wonder of a live goat birth. This moment was topped by one of the women saying about the baby goat, "Is that a miniature goat?"

Anonymous said...

Is this show still on?! It is screaming my name!