Sunday, September 21, 2008

Amazing Predictions

I don't have it in print anywhere that I predicted how Harry Potter would end after reading the first book (okay, not everything, but who would end up with whom and who would not be evil after all).  

I also don't have it in print that I predicted, after the pilot episode, that Barney and Robin would end up together on How I Met Your Mother.  They haven't yet, but are moving toward it slowly.

Since I don't talk in movies, no one got to hear me shout out that I figured out the surprise ending in Sixth Sense just a short time into the movie.

So, I'm putting it in print that I think I have figured out who Rex's father is on One Life to Live.  For non-fans, this is one of the great mysteries of the show.  Most fans seem to be torn between Mitch and Bo, but I think it is David Vickers.  Here is my thinking:  Roxy (Rex's mother) is ashamed of who the father is, both David and Roxy have old ties to Atlantic City, Rex is drawn to and loves Bo as if he's his father, David Vickers has Buchanan DNA.  Everyone thinks David is Asa's son, but in the 1968 scenes, Bo slept with David's mother before he went to Viet Nam.  If I'm right, then Bo is Rex's grandfather, which would allow them to continue their nice relationship.  If I'm wrong, then we can blame wishful thinking, because this would put David Vickers back into the show and in a major front burner story.  

Okay, back to important things like grading papers, taking out garbage and doing laundry.  Hmmm...why do I let my mind wander to television show plots?


Anonymous said...

I only need to know the following:
Do you have the hunger?
That could explain this detour from your usual clarity.

vicmarcam said...

Detour from my usual clarity? This coming from the person who encouraged me to watch MORE television? And the answer is yes.