Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am soooo White

One nice thing about Spring Break is a little bit of leisure time. No matter how busy I am, I check my friend PJ's blog every day.  It's just that good.  But when I have extra time, I like to check out a couple of the blogs that he links to.  One that I've particularly enjoyed is The Standing Room, which featured a touching remembrance of the blogger's twenty year old cat. While I was reading it, I noticed a funny quote on the side of the page, and went to find out more about that link. I ended up on a very funny and wildly popular blog called Stuff White People Like, which reads like an anthropological study of White People in their natural habitats, complete with hints about how to talk to them. As you will see, an embarrassing amount of the descriptions hit a bit too close to home.

Today, when I woke up, I listened to NPR (#44 on the list of things white people like) like I do every morning. I had one of my two daily cups of tea (#13) and made my son Cameron (#16) an angel food cake using my favorite kitchen gadget (#54). The cake was a housewarming gift because Cameron has purchased his own home, an Oakland Bungalow that needs a lot of work, but will be beautiful if he sticks to his six year plan for renovating it (#37). I then checked (#40) to see if my daughter Marin (#16, #78) who lives in Russia had added to her blog. After taking the dogs (#53) for a walk, it was time to go out for the day.

I first went to see Cameron's house. I'm very excited for him. He has a lot of exciting plans for the house, but right now, there is just the overwhelming task of moving in. Here are some photos:

Then, I went to San Francisco (#91), where I was going to meet PJ for a Wednesday dinner in a different venue. I walked from the Embarcadero Bart Station all the way to Pacific Heights. It was a beautiful day and I walked slowly, noticing all the different ways that architects (#34) worked steep hills into their designs. I had never really walked around Nob Hill before. It just so happened that John McCain was speaking at the Ritz-Carlton, so I saw some protesters, who were outnumbered by reporters.

I took a little break from my walk to stop in at Whole Foods (#48) and check out their beautiful seafood counter and produce (#6).

When I finally met up with PJ, we had a lovely dinner (#45). I had a noodle dish and he had Kung Pao chicken. We shared Spring Rolls as appetizers. I went home and watched a little television before going to sleep (#35).

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I , too, am white. Sitting here in my shorts and T-shirt, having just eaten my expensive sandwich(like those found in SF); grilled portabello w/arugula and sauteed veggies-not just white, mind you, but elite as I have a large collection of vinyl(some of which is on my i-pod).

Whiteness aside, I am green(with envy, not nausea) while looking at the pictures of the beautiful house that Cameron has purchased for his mother.

I am now off to clean up from dinner-yes I made my expensive sandwich, and watch the simpsons(which I'm sure is a white thing to do).